Check out our fun animated video that walks you through the steps of how to use Hands On Hemp bags for produce and bulk!


-Learn why paper and plastic aren't sustainable in our ISSUES Section.

-Get ideas and support for change in our SOLUTIONS & DEEP SUSTAINABILITY Sections

Deep Sustainability is who you are, what you care about, and how you give of yourself to the world everyday.

Deep sustainability is about waking up your life force so that you can fully feel and participate in the evolution needed to transform our humanity into one that supports all beings and the earth.

The core of our mission is creating deep sustainability - in ourselves, our business and with others. Please come explore with us - by signing up for our Newsletter, Facebook Page, and Blog!

By choosing reusable instead of plastic you are investing in the future - for us, our children, animals and the planet!

At Hands On Hemp we care about that future! So we took our passion and experience to create reusable hemp bags that offer a true environmental solution that last up to 20 years.

Our reusable produce bags keep produce crisp and fresh in the fridge. Our bulk bags can be used for bulk, bakery, snacks, lunches and more.


We are a woman-owned business whose vision is two-fold: to make a difference through what we do and how we do it. It is not easy to better our selves or our world, but we know the two go hand in hand. Our bags have taken us to the very brink of an ultimate question: what is true personal and planetary sustainability and what changes do we need to make to get from here to there? We hope to inspire such a journey of questioning for others as we’re all in the same boat together. (Learn more)

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