"Is it possible that these bags will actually make me want to eat my
vegetables? I am right now eating a big salad because the lettuce in my Hands on Hemp Bags just looked so darn appealing. Hmmmm, and if you're looking for testimonials - there's mine."
- Andi

"I do have to say that your bags are brilliant for travel!! They are so handy for going to markets to food shop while out. I can't tell you how awesome it was to be able to pick stuff up and bring it with me instead of having to spend tons of money on eating out all the time. They're so easy to pack, too! Teeny-tiny and take up virtually no space." 
- Diana

"I have a Zero Waste kitchen and always take my Hands On Hemp bags when I go shopping. The store I go to doesn’t offer any cloth bags to purchase. It would be great if you could get them to carry your bags so customers would have a choice instead of using all the plastic."
- Ubuntu 

"I love them, they work for everything. haha! I keep tons of computer parts/cables, art supplies, and make-up in them. And since I've been traveling so much, I usually take one or two with me for toiletries and dress shoes. The bags are AWESOME." 
- Zoe






We are a woman-owned business whose vision is two-fold: to make a difference through what we do and how we do it. It is not easy to better our selves or our world, but we know the two go hand in hand. Our bags have taken us to the very brink of an ultimate question: what is true personal and planetary sustainability and what changes do we need to make to get from here to there? We hope to inspire such a journey of questioning for others as we’re all in the same boat together. (Learn more)


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