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3 Reusable Bags for Produce, Bulk and Bakery Size: 12" x 17" each

Are you new to reusable bags and not sure where to start?

Hands On Hemp bags are for YOU! Replace 6,000 single-use bags with these 3 for produce, bulk, bakery, snacks, sandwiches, pastries and more! They are the most functional and sustainable bags you'll ever find.

SET INCLUDES: Two 3-Packs: 6 Reusable Bags for Produce, Bulk and Bakery Size: 12" x 17" each

This set is for the planet loving, fruit and veggie enthusiast!

If you want your fruit and veggies fresh, local, and organic, then you’ll surely want a reusable bag as pure and natural as the food you put in it. The environment thanks you!

SET INCLUDES: Three 3-Packs: 9 Reusable Bags for Produce, Bulk and Bakery

If you’re ready to make double the positive impact on the planet, start a new trend together!

You support each other to make all kinds of decisions and choices, so let this be another great moment in your history together! Go Team!

SET INCLUDES: Four 3-Packs: 12 Reusable Bags for Produce, Bulk and Bakery items

Share the love you have for the planet with your family.

You might be amazed what a big impact and act of education it will be to switch to reusable hemp bags over plastic. Choosing sustainable and reusable hemp over plastic and paper is an act of integrity that feels so good that it is contagious to others.

SET INCLUDES: Five 3-Packs: 15 Reusable Bags for Produce, Bulk and Bakery items

Make your kid's day when you switch to hemp reusable bags! Why? Because they know darn well plastic is bad for them and the planet.

They may not know that you'll replace over 10,000 single-use bags with these few, but they will get excited about doing the right thing! Thank Goodness for Kids!

SET INCLUDES: 18 Reusable Produce Bags & 12 Reusable Bulk Bags

Everyone will want their own stash of bags to use for this and that and to take here and there.

The positive impact you can make as a family working together for the greater good is profound. We are proud to help you go plastic and paper bag FREE and to feel that way too by doing the right thing!

SET INCLUDES: Seven 3-Packs: 21 Reusable Bags for Produce, Bulk and Bakery items

Your big reusable family will create ripples of positive action and inspiration to many through your smart choices for the environment!!!

Enjoy replacing plastic and paper single-use bags, not only at the grocery store, but also for packing snacks, sandwiches and lunches for school, at the pool, on hikes, while traveling and more.

SET INCLUDES: 6 Reusable Produce Bags

Just into produce? This is the choice for you. You might even eat more fruit and veggies because Hands On Hemp reusable produce bags keep produce fresh for up to 3 weeks!

Since these hemp bags breathe and retain moisture you’ll have more time to enjoy your produce fresh and crisp – the only way to eat produce! Hooray for Hemp!

SET INCLUDES: 6 Reusable Bulk Bags

Bulk Foods Rock! When you shop in the bulk aisle you save money and tons of packaging. Our bags are the perfect size for getting the amount of bulk you need, without extra bag fabric getting in the way.

These bags are also perfect for carrying snacks, sandwiches and lunches to the pool, on hikes, while traveling and more. Their best trait: you can use them as a napkin after you eat your food inside!


We are a woman-owned business whose vision is two-fold: to make a difference through what we do and how we do it. It is not easy to better our selves or our world, but we know the two go hand in hand. Our bags have taken us to the very brink of an ultimate question: what is true personal and planetary sustainability and what changes do we need to make to get from here to there? We hope to inspire such a journey of questioning for others as we’re all in the same boat together. (Learn more)


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